I walked out into my backyard where I have now lived for almost 3 years. The weather is cold, the skies are cloudy, and there is a mist of rain in the air. I look at my flower pots which still contain the stems of flowers that succumbed to the cold winter months and at my grass which is yellowed and dead looking. It is enough to make one sigh in absolute frustration and hopelessness except for one small thing that I find in my subdivision…Daffodils! There they were! They were coming up once again all over the neighborhood. Their trumpeting yellow flower buds were standing up tall and straight soaking in the misty rain. It was then that I was reminded of spring…of hope…of change!
As I stood looking at those daffodils, I was moved to go over to them and take their picture. I don’t know why? It was just one of those spontaneous things I was prompted to do. As I took their picture it was as if God Himself impressed some thoughts into my mind about how He works in our lives. Those daffodils have a purpose- They are to come up from the earth as the winter is ending and bloom to announce the start of spring. Faithfully these yellow flowers fulfill their purpose with a vengeance each and every year in my backyard.

What did God remind me of you may ask? Well I am glad you want to know because I think it might help you like it helped me. First, I was reminded to fulfill my purpose regardless of my circumstances. God has a purpose and plan of each of our lives. We are called on by God to bloom right where He has planted us and to do so by fulfilling His purpose. Often times the changing circumstances of life causes us to get distracted away from God, yet we still are to bloom. Those daffodils have seen lots of changing circumstances over the years from days of drought, to lawnmowers, chemical sprays, & even the trampling of little girls playing around their play house, yet despite those circumstances they choose to bloom!

Secondly, I was reminded to fulfill my purpose regardless of my challenges. In this life we all have challenges, don’t we? Some have their fair share and others experience even more. Still, in the midst of life’s challenges God has not forgotten us. His purpose and plan for our lives is still perfect, even when we do not see it or want to admit it. The daffodils know how to bloom despite their challenges. Just a couple of weeks ago those green stems were covered over completely by ice, then sleet, and then by several inches of snow, yet they choose to bloom! I was reading a Wikipedia article about daffodils and when reading about their ecology it said this: “Like many bulb plants, a period of exposure to cold is necessary before spring growth can begin.” Challenges are tough, but if we are living out God’s purpose for our lives, we have the opportunity to grow spiritually.

Finally, God reminded me that I should fulfill my purpose and celebrate! The daffodils are one of the first signs of spring. Their blooming is a celebration of the coming of spring. Spring brings about warmer weather, changes, newness and the opportunity to start over again. Daffodils are a universal sign of hope. It certainly seems fitting that this is a season of hope. Like the daffodils, we should remember how Jesus was laid in a borrowed tomb. Circumstances were changing, times were challenging, but on the 3rd day He rose again in a great, victorious celebration. In that we have eternal hope, the opportunity for real change, and a chance to start over again.

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