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Again, I want you to look at this passage Mark 4:35-43. Here Jesus is teaching His disciples and us some important lessons during tough times. When you read this passage, Jesus had just given His disciples some important lessons and teachings about the Kingdom of God. To see if they had been paying attention, Jesus decided to give them a “pop quiz” or a practical test to see how much they had really learned. Paul tells us in Romans 10:17 that the hearing of God’s Word is intended to produce faith. You see it isn’t enough for we who are believers to just continually hear God’s Word. We must also be able to put God’s Word to practice in our lives through the exercising of our faith in the Lord. What are some lessons we need to learn? Well I believe there are at least 3 in this passage. Today, let's look at the first of these 3 lessons. FIRST,THE STORM ITSELF IS A LESSON ABOUT FAITH! Storms are not at all unusual on the Sea of Galilee. While it is a beautiful and serene place,