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It is time for "MORE" in 2017!!!

“MORE” …This is the word I challenged the FBC Lexington, TN congregation with this past Sunday. We celebrated our 175 th Anniversary as a church. It is truly amazing to think that the church where I pastor every Sunday has ministered to and been an influence in its city and community for 175 years. This is quite an accomplishment. This church was leading people to faith in Jesus during the Civil War even though the Union army had taken over the then meager facilities. During the Great Depression, God’s people at FBC still gave their tithes and offerings, did ministry, fed people, and met needs. During both World Wars, men from FBC went to battle and many never came home, but all the while the church continued to do ministry. Through the turbulent 1960s, the affluence of the 1980s, and through the housing market crash in 2008-2009, FBC members showed the love of Jesus to a lost city and community. The same God who was present in 1842 is the same God who is present to day. Much has