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Church Shopping!!!

Last month I wrote an article about the concept of “Church Hopping” that was very well received. I thought I would follow that up with some words of advice and encouragement for new people going into a church and looking for a new church. Let’s think about “Church Shopping.” According to the Barna Research Group, we aren't alone. One in seven people will look for a new church this year. In case you're among that one in seven, here are 6 important things we learned are critical to a search process.   1. Does This Church Preach the Right Message? So first look for a place where truth is preached from the Bible—where God's Word is seen as living, relevant, changeless, and inerrant, rather than just a "good book" filled with advice on how to be a more loving, moral person. Look for a place you can invite friends to and feel confident they'll hear the gospel truth directly from Scripture, a place where difficult passages as well as straightforw

STOP the HOP!!!

Today I am writing to say to Christian people every where some simple words of advice: STOP THE HOP!!! Church've heard of this right? You may have even participated in it, but may have not even realized it. Church hopping is a modern day phenomenon that seems to increase by the year. What is it you wonder? Well technically speaking church hopping can be defined as going from one church to another over short periods of time without really committing to any one church for any significant period of time. Ok, so now you are getting the picture, right? Having pastored here in Marion, Arkansas for the past 13+ years I have seen my share of church hoppers. In fact, there are so many church hoppers I am thinking they should start their own support group in town. The hard-core church hopper goes into a church seeking something for self or for their family, but they never even makes an initial commitment. They perpetually float between churches, pursuing a B