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Let's think about making some Changes!

Do you ever give much thought to change? Many people are uncomfortable with the whole idea of change, but at the same time they recognize that in their lives some things need to change. Much of the things in our lives that need to change are nothing more than a result of poor choices we have made in response to difficult circumstances or temptation. So for real change to come into our lives, we really need to change our focus. There is a principle you need to know: The way we think determines how we feel. How we feel determines the way we act. Therefore we must change the way we think by changing our focus . This principle is true because we are often guilty of focusing on the undesirable things in our lives such as pain, hurt, anger, disappointment, addictions, and habits while we neglect to focus on the things of life that really matter. So when it comes to change, there are several things on which we need to focus. What are these things? First we need to focus on the process o

A New Challenging Journey for your life!

Many years ago the great explorer, Sir Francis Drake, was attempting to recruit a number of young men for an upcoming exploration. He gathered them around and told the group that if they came with him they would see some of the most marvelous things their eyes could ever behold. Sandy white beaches, juicy fruits, foreign peoples, priceless treasures, and gorgeous landscapes. And he told them that this wild adventure could be theirs if they came with him. Not one of them enlisted for the journey. The next day a different group came out. Drake told them that if they came with him they would encounter storms that would terrify them into tears. Tiger winds would hammer them and blow them off course for months. Water would frequently be scarce. At times they will be so thirsty that their very souls would cry out for simply one drop of water. In short, danger would always be their constant companion. Drake concluded by declaring that if they could handle these things, the joys of exploratio