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Lessons I am Learning...and other Random Thoughts!

It seems that the world as we have known it has turned upside down in recent weeks. Suddenly and without much warning, COVID-19 has become all the talk. It has been dramatized, politicized, publicized, criticized, subsidized, and immortalized in the world, nation, and in our state. This has quickly become serious business. We had a huge Revival at FBC Lexington, TN at the end of February 2020, and I never would have thought that within a month we would be doing online worship only services. Wow! Everyone and everything all around us is shutting down, closed, or following very strict guidelines and new policies. Yes...we are living in a different world. With that in mind, I have learned or been reminded of several things, and I have a few important questions that are plaguing my thoughts. First, let me tell you a few things I have learned or I have been reminded of over the past few weeks: 1. GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL! When I say that, I can hear the collective yawn of the masses. Ye