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 Another month of the Covid-19 pandemic! Another month of trying to decide what we can do or not do at the church. Another month of second guessing decisions, wondering about the outcomes of those decisions, and trying to navigate an unknown future. Another month of trying to hit a moving target. Ugh! As I try and lead my church into another month, there are a lot of things that I do not know. However, there are several things that a Pastor like me has learned during the pandemic of 2020.  As I am rambling out loud about these things, let me mention a sampling of things that pastors and church leaders have learned: 1. We have learned who our real leaders are in the church!     I have always known that there was a MAJOR difference between a real leader and someone who holds a position of leadership. Often times, we get these confused in a church. There are always those who hold positions of leadership and who are recognized by others as "a leader", but in reality, they are no

The Trouble with Consistency!

Image this is a word that seems to be completely lost in our modern day society. Consistency means "a steadfast adherence to the same principle, course, form, or way of life." In other words, a person who is consistent is one who holds to a set of beliefs or actions regardless of the ever-changing world around him or her. Currently, we are living in an ever-changing world. Consistency is a lost art form in this world. From day to day, the information we are being told about life, politics, economics, business, and even a pandemic changes almost by the hour. There are very few consistent messages in our world today. The things we have consistently believed as Americans based on our Constitution, our Founders, and even scripture are now changing by the day. That which was once considered to be moral and right is now considered to be wrong. Those things which were once considered to be immoral, shameful, and wrong are now being promoted as the norm or society. Con

Lessons I am Learning...and other Random Thoughts!

It seems that the world as we have known it has turned upside down in recent weeks. Suddenly and without much warning, COVID-19 has become all the talk. It has been dramatized, politicized, publicized, criticized, subsidized, and immortalized in the world, nation, and in our state. This has quickly become serious business. We had a huge Revival at FBC Lexington, TN at the end of February 2020, and I never would have thought that within a month we would be doing online worship only services. Wow! Everyone and everything all around us is shutting down, closed, or following very strict guidelines and new policies. Yes...we are living in a different world. With that in mind, I have learned or been reminded of several things, and I have a few important questions that are plaguing my thoughts. First, let me tell you a few things I have learned or I have been reminded of over the past few weeks: 1. GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL! When I say that, I can hear the collective yawn of the masses. Ye


I walked out into my backyard where I have now lived for almost 3 years. The weather is cold, the skies are cloudy, and there is a mist of rain in the air. I look at my flower pots which still contain the stems of flowers that succumbed to the cold winter months and at my grass which is yellowed and dead looking. It is enough to make one sigh in absolute frustration and hopelessness except for one small thing that I find in my subdivision… Daffodils ! There they were! They were coming up once again all over the neighborhood. Their trumpeting yellow flower buds were standing up tall and straight soaking in the misty rain. It was then that I was reminded of spring…of hope…of change! As I stood looking at those daffodils, I was moved to go over to them and take their picture. I don’t know why? It was just one of those spontaneous things I was prompted to do. As I took their picture it was as if God Himself impressed some thoughts into my mind about how He works in our li