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The Crocodile and the Cross!

Have you ever seen the Izod Lacoste logo that looks like a little alligator? You’ve probably worn something with the alligator logo, but do you know the true meaning behind the alligator? First, it’s really not an alligator; it’s a crocodile. In the 1920s the world’s leading tennis player was the Frenchman Rene Lacoste. He won Wimbledon, the French Open and the U.S. Open multiple times and had been given the nickname “Le Crocodile.” Some say he got that nickname because of his ferocious tenacity on the court! At the time, tennis players were still wearing stiff, long sleeved shirts with ties. But when Lacoste played in the 1926 U.S. Open, he wore a shirt of his own creation–a white, short-sleeved cotton shirt with a small crocodile embroidered on the chest. It started a fashion revolution and by 1933 Lacoste was mass producing cotton shirts with the little crocodile. It was the first time a logo appeared on the outside of a garment. Now it’s quite possible you have personally sported