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Reasons YOU should be in a small group THIS WEEK!

I am often asked why I am always so insistent that people join and participate in a small group Sunday School class at FBC. The truth is that there are many reasons and benefits for being in a small group SS class each week. Jesus, knowing the value of a small group, led his own small group for 3 years teaching and investing his life into the group. Let me just mention a few to you so that maybe you might make it a priority to be in attendance this week at either 9:00 am or 10:30 am. REASON # 1- Partnership In a small group we learn how to be in relationship, fellowship, and partnership with others through real life issues and circumstances. In this class setting your learn how to practice and show love to others, as well as care, mercy, and grace. All of us need a place where we can go and be ourselves. We all need a place to go where others will walk alongside us and support us through the struggles of daily life in this world. Also, it is through the small group that we can wor