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The Trouble with Consistency!

Image this is a word that seems to be completely lost in our modern day society. Consistency means "a steadfast adherence to the same principle, course, form, or way of life." In other words, a person who is consistent is one who holds to a set of beliefs or actions regardless of the ever-changing world around him or her. Currently, we are living in an ever-changing world. Consistency is a lost art form in this world. From day to day, the information we are being told about life, politics, economics, business, and even a pandemic changes almost by the hour. There are very few consistent messages in our world today. The things we have consistently believed as Americans based on our Constitution, our Founders, and even scripture are now changing by the day. That which was once considered to be moral and right is now considered to be wrong. Those things which were once considered to be immoral, shameful, and wrong are now being promoted as the norm or society. Con