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Summer Stress Relief!

Summer is often referred to as “The lazy days of summer” suggesting that it is a time of relaxation, vacation, and rest. It is a time just to be leisure, enjoy the weather, read a good book, sit by the pool, and soak in the rays. However, more often than not, summer is a time of hectic schedules, camps, events, company, mosquitoes, severe heat, and yard work. Most of us understand that description much better don’t we? Summer is often a very stressful time for many people. So let me offer you some practical help. I want to offer you a few steps found in scripture for relieving some of your summer stress. First, to relieve summer stress you must be willing to release your frustrations. Often times what we do with our stress is repress it. We push it deep inside ourselves and try to act like nothing is wrong and that we are in complete control. This is damaging to our spiritual lives, relationships, and emotions. We cannot repress our stress, nor can we rehearse it. We cannot be