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Easter: The Grand Event for your life!

Richard Bewes writes that on the morning of August 27, 1883, the "most stupendous explosion ever recorded took place." It was heard as far away as 3,000 miles. The whole northern and lower part of the island of Krakatoa, lying between Java and Sumatra, had blown off. Stone, dust, and ashes surged 17 miles into the air. Entire forests were buried beneath the debris from the explosion. As far away as 150 miles the sky was so dark that people had to use lamps in the middle of the day just to see. The tidal waves reached as far as Cape Horn which was an 8,000 miles away. Across the world weather patterns and sunsets were dramatically affected for many months. When I read that information I thought to myself, "Wow! The magnitude of that volcanic eruption changed the landscape of everything it touched." As magnificent and huge as that event was in 1883, there was an even greater, more life-altering event that took place over 1850 years earlier. They event, of course, is