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Give God His Applause!

A little boy had attended church on Sunday morning with his parents for the first time in a while. That night he knelt to say his prayers before going to bed. The little fella prayed, “Dear Lord, I sure had a good time at church today. I sure wish you could have been there!” Wow! No truer words have ever been spoken. When we were created by God, we were created to worship Him. The word worship is literally translated as “worth-ship.” We are to live our lives to prove God’s worth-ship, and that He alone is worthy of our praise. I’ve been thinking about why we give God so very little worship in our daily lives. The Bible indicates that we should praise and worship God in all things. This means our family should bring praise to God, our jobs should be of worship to God, as well as our finances, words, thoughts, actions, and motivations. But still, our lives give God so very little worship. Last year at the end of VBS a little boy came up to me and said, “Preacher, I like comin