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Your Work...Your Witness!

I read a Calvin and Hobbes © cartoon that seemed quite appropriate. Young Calvin came up with a new money making scheme. He overturned a cardboard box for a stand, wrote some words on the box, and placed it on the street next to his house. He sat behind the box and waited patiently for customers; however none came. Before too long, Hobbes, Calvin’s stuffed tiger came by and asked him, “So how is business?” Calvin replied annoyed, “Just terrible.” Hobbes then looks at the words written on the box that read, “A swift kick in the seat of the pants- $1.00!” Hobbes sat down to sympathize with Calvin’s lack of business and said, “No business? Boy that is hard to believe!” Equally befuddled and disappointed Calvin threw out his arms in exasperation and said, “I just cannot understand it either! Everybody I know needs exactly what I am selling.” What the world needs from us, what our families need from us, what our co-workers need from us, and what our churches need from us is contributi