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Just Jump in!

On August 19, 1979, US swimmer Kim Lineham won the world record in the women’s 1500 meter freestyle. She held this record until 1987 until it was surpassed by US swimmer Janet Evans. At the time, Kim was the best female distance swimmer in the world. She had a training regiment that was rigorous and that kept her in the pool for 7-10 hours every day. After winning the world record she was asked by a reporter, “Kim what is the hardest part of your training regiment each day which has brought you victory?” Kim Lineham replied, “Just getting in the water.” All across America churches stand on the threshold of doing something amazing for the Lord. There is a new ministry to be started, a new strategy to be implemented, new small group classes to begin, or some new and creative ways to do ministry. The problem with many of our churches and leaders is not that they do not know what to do or what it takes to reach people for Christ. The real challenge we face when it comes to doing new mini