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Are we thinking too SMALL?

WE THINK TOO SMALL! I am really not sure when it all started or even why it started, but somewhere down in line or through the years, God’s people starting thinking too small. I have seen this small thinking mindset to be a reality in the number of years I have been a pastor and church leader. When I was President of the Arkansas Baptist Convention I traveled, and I preached in many churches. What I discovered was that as believers we were thinking way too small. In the some of the churches I have been in over the past number of years, the biggest things on the mind of church members were these: * What will we put on the front of the bulletin Sunday? * Why are we singing all these “new songs” when we have a hymnal full of songs already? * Why is the pastor and Sunday School literature not using the KJV? * How can we increase our giving while reaching no new people and not being “preached to” about tithing? * Why will these “young people” in our church or community not show up or d