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Whacked out Worldview!!!

We live in a society that has what I like to call a "whacked out worldview." When I was a kid in elementary school we had a day called "opposite day" where every kid in the school did everything backwards. We wore our clothing backwards, had fun walking backwards down the hall, we flip flopped our daily schedule, and we had breakfast for school lunch. It was a lot of fun to spend the day doing the opposite all day long. However, the fun and excitement would have gone away quickly if we had chosen to do the "opposite" of what was normal every day. In America it seems as if we now live in a time where everyday is "opposite day." It appears the things people should be doing are not the things they are doing and the things I never thought people would be doing all over our country are the very things they do with regularity, popularity, and with great fanfare. Again, we now have a "whacked out worldview." A worldview is the lens throug