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Relationships and Leadership

Dr. Emil Turner, Executive Director of the Arkansas Baptist Convention, recently posted a fantastic article related to how our relationships with those we lead has a direct effect on our ability to lead them. Let me encourage you to go here and read this great article:

A Christian's Responsibility to Vote!

One of the topics that rises to the surface during an election year is the role of faith or the role of a Christian in relationship to politics. Throughout the nation we hear the voices of the skeptics decrying the participation of people of faith in the political arena. Worn our phrases, such as “separation of church and state”, are used in an effort to silent God’s people. Amazingly every other influence in the world is debated and discussed in relationship to politics, but somehow religion and personal faith seems to be dismissed. Historically, we clearly recognize the fact that the whole concept of “the separation of church and state” has been grossly distorted from its original intent. The phrase was taken from a letter of Thomas Jefferson to a Baptist group meeting in Connecticut simply to assure them that the government could not infringe upon their religious freedoms, nor could they discriminate against a church or denomination. The intent of the phrase today is to keep peopl