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People Exist!

Did you know that people exists? Often the people we come into contact with each day are nothing more than nameless faces we view as being available to meet some need for us or to provide us with some kind of service. The reality is that people all around us have lots of needs. You may even be someone with lots of needs. Often times the needs we have in our lives come to us without invitation and are not welcomed guests. At other times they simply occur because of the change of our situations or circumstances. Either way there are many needs people are experiencing from finances, illness, joblessness, relationships, decisions, to spiritual issues and needs. In life it sometimes seems that we have more questions than we have answers. It is at this point in our lives when we discover whether or not the faith we profess is genuine. Faith in the Lord is much more than just wishful thinking, an attitude of hope, or an experience of good will. In fact, faith is more than something you just f