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Learning Lessons of faith during tough times (Part 1)

First, open your Bible to Mark 4:35-43... Is it any secret that we are living in difficult times? While America is still the strongest country on the planet and while we are still the envy of the world, there are many in our nation who are struggling. Many arguments could be made as to who is to blame for the circumstances we are facing, especially economically, but arguing is not the issue. The real issue a Christian and for a church is how we respond and live in the midst of what many are calling “tough times.” For many, these tough times are not a theory, but a reality. In 2008, the DOW lost 38%. This is the largest stock market decline and loss since the Great Depression 70 years ago. I personally lost 18.75% of the total cash value of my annuity retirement account just from October to December 2008. Jobs are being terminated, people are being laid off, and companies are choosing four day work weeks. Car lots are filled with new vehicles and new homes sit empty all over our cit