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The following article was written by Pastor Rick Warren and was sent out in his Ministry Toolbox email (Issue # 362 on 10-1-08). I thought it was applicable to the sermon series I am presently preaching at FBC called First and 10: The Bible's playbook for the game of life. Last Sunday I preached on the Lord's commandment regarding a Sabbath. We can identify with what a USA Today article said about life for many people. “Today people are souped up, stressed out, and over scheduled. In this brave new world boundaries between work and family are disappearing. Everybody is mobile and every moment is scheduled.” The Bible tells us that hurry and worry and scurry have dramatic negative effects on our life and ministries. If you’re serious about slowing your life down to a more humane pace of life, you’re going to have to make five counter-cultural changes in your lifestyle. Learn contentment. It starts in the heart. Paul says this about contentment in Philippians 4:12 (NIV): “I have