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Christmas...You are not alone!

The following article was printed in the 2014 edition of The Marion Ledger: They were completely alone! Their life was common at best. I guess you could say it was not a “Wonderful Life” , but more like a common and ordinary life. A daily routine of care and making provisions for their charges wore on day after day and month after month. There seemed to be no real interest in how they were feeling or even how they were doing on their job. While visible to the eyes of a passerby, they really had lives that were invisible to the same passerby’s heart. There were no invitations to a party, an announcement of a job promotion, or even a simply note of thanks. Some of them probably deemed themselves as victims of an economic and social hierarchy that left them on the outside looking in. They sat among the rocks, in the dirt, and along the hillside. Perhaps in the cool of the evening there was a small fire for warmth, the distant sound of the bleating of a young sheep, and maybe even the