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Make YOUR Life Count!!!

Almost all of us know the name of Alfred Nobel. He is the man behind the highly respected and sought after Nobel Peace Prize. This award goes to those who excel in humanitarian purposes, literature, peace, and other contributions to people throughout the world. Not many people realize how this prize came into existence. Nobel came into fame and fortune as the inventor of dynamite. He was a gifted chemist who was also a pacifist. He soon became troubled to realize that his largest customer for dynamite was the military, who had seized his invention as one of the newest weapons of war. Meanwhile, while his factories were operating at maximum capacity producing this new weapon of war, his brother Ludwig died unexpectedly. A French newspaper, thinking Alfred Nobel had in fact died, mistakenly printed this headline in the paper: “Merchant of Death Dies!”   Alfred Nobel was horrified at the thought that this is how he would truly be remembered by the world at the time of his own